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We wouldn’t give two fucks except that Germany’s constantly shelling out to “survivors” and the kikeroaches always scream about the shoah whenever they’re accused of something wrong.
Mao and Stalin kill 10s of millions of their own people and turn their countries into hell holes.
Somehow Hitler is the most reviled man of the 20th century.
There’s no order from Hitler or anyone commanding the extermination of the Jews. The purported gas chambers at camps today are all postwar reconstructions. There’s no credible account given for how the bodies were so completely disposed of.

The scenario where the supposed death camps like Auschwitz were in reality labor camps like Bergen-Belsen makes much more sense in many ways and doesn’t depend on Nazis being cartoonishly evil and diabolically effective at hiding evidence of their crimes.

If not making up the Holocaust, what were Allied and Soviet psyops even doing with their time? The Holocaust is so fitting with the standard psyops myths we’ve seen created, from Germans cutting off Belgian babies’ hands in WW1 to Iraqi soldiers throwing babies out of incubators in Kuwait, that it’s immediately suspicious. As is the fact that it’s the only thing that’s illegal to question in many countries and it’s social suicide to question it anywhere else.

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I don’t have a problem accepting the Einsatzgruppen slaughtering Jews. Their orders were to fight partisans and I think that often they took that to mean ‘all Jews.’ It was a war crime but not unusual by the standards of the history of warfare.

The main contentions I make are that there was no order signed by Hitler for the extermination of the Jews, far fewer than 6 million were killed, the supposed death camps were labor camps like all the others, and the stories about mass gassings and burning millions of bodies without leaving evidence lack credibility.

There were camps (much like the Japanese internment camps, Jews were considered disloyal enemy aliens as well), they had gas chambers (for executions of individual criminals and people actually targeted for extermination like Soviet commissars), they had crematoria (for the expected normal death rate in such places), many Jews and others died (mostly of disease and starvation and not due to an organized extermination plan).

mel brooks
In the end, it took the entire capitalist and communist world to destroy the german revolution and bring europe back under the heel of the bankers.
Once we get a couple more generations’ distance from WW2 then historians will be able to be objective about it. There’s still a great deal of information that’s still classified going back to WW1. When it enters the public domain it’ll become apparent how much of what people believed about that time in history was war propaganda, but it’ll be a matter of long-ago history and not relevant to the world today.

Did you hear that they just discovered fairly recently that the Lusitania was carrying munitions, just as the Germans claimed? That information would have made everyone flip in America flip their shit in the 1920s, but today it’s like ‘huh, what a fascinating episode from history.’ The Holocaust hoax will be the same thing – we’ll read about it next to headlines about our Mars base and think ‘damn, the 20th century was a rough time’ and that’ll be it.