“This is totally alarming as fuck. So I talked to my niece (high school freshman) the other day (she does not know I’m a realist/racist) and her and her friends tell me that nowadays … When ANY NIGGER BUCK in high school asks you out on a date, OR to prom OR to the bowling alley etc etc etc and you say NO as a human girl you’re branded a fucking RACIST by the whole school!!!!!! So the girls were telling me that it puts a lot of pressure on them as they don’t want to be ostracized by every asshole at their schools so many give in and just say YES!!!! Even though they find the buck ugly, stupid and disgusting they are now pressured to say YES!!! And the worst part is that my niece also told me that the bucks know what they’re doing and are abusing the shit out of it with the YT girls because they know they don’t want to be branded racists so its like shooting fish in a barrel to bag them up…