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The latest news:

Prohibition to leave the house for immigrants, Mayor of Ciro Marina: “To prevent scabies”
-Eight voluntary associations: “It is absolutely not acceptable,” Amnesty International Calabria “discriminatory measures”. But the mayor replied: “The measures I have just adopted are aimed at protecting the health of all people who are in the town of Ciro Marina “

Foreigner’s Italian ‘not good enough’ for oath
-An Indian woman has been barred from completing the process towards gaining Italian citizenship by a mayor who argued that her language skills are not up to scratch, despite her living in the country for 15 years.

Italian anti-immigrant party stages Rome rally
-The rising star of the Italian right, Matteo Salvini, led a mass rally in support of his anti-immigration, anti-EU Northern League party in central Rome Saturday, as a counter-rally took place nearby.

It seem that we are getting our…

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Hey , how do you feel about Obama’s latest attempt to make it so poor people can’t own guns? If you haven’t heard the ATF is planning to ban M855 ammo for being “armor piercing”. The thing is, M855 is no more armor piercing than any other .223 round. Furthermore the law was written to prevent handgun calibers from being AP. a .223 round will go through the soft plates that most police officers wear regardless of if it is M855 and the guy who wrote the bill even points this out.

So why is Obama banning this? Two reasons, 1. Because M855 is cheap and he doesn’t want new shooters to be able to buy cheap ammo. Guns should only be for the rich. 2. To create another shitstorm. Unfortunately most gun owners are retarded assholes and this announcement will fuck up the prices for months between people hording…

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Immature people with no life experience voting? What could go wrong??

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Benjamin Netanyahu said that while much of the Middle East was “riveted by religious hatred, by savagery of unimaginable proportions,” Israel is “the one democracy that upholds basic human rights, that guards the rights of all minorities, that protects Christians.”


that protects Christians:

The Christian family refusing to give up its Bethlehem hill farm


Palestinian Christians: Israel Violates Religious Freedoms Every Easter

Christian Persecution in ‘Hostile’ Israel Highlighted by Evangelical Group; ‘Some May Disagree and Even Take Offense,’ Says Nonprofit

Israel levels Catholic Church property in E. Jerusalem amid ‘massive demolition’ plan

Netanyahu Bragged He Has America Wrapped Around His Finger



Kerry said of the defense of Israel’s war crimes:

“We have a closer relationship with Israel right now in terms of security than at any time in history,” he said. “I was reviewing the record the other day – we have intervened on Israel’s behalf…

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So the Tumblr Phaggot Brigade is at it again. A day for only naggers to post selfies (you white people stay outta it, ya hear!)

Well I’m not suggesting a raid or anything, I know personally I’m going to be paying a visit to the hashtag with some pictures they won’t like.


Seems like an attention whore thing to me. “Look at us! We exist! #BlackLivesMatter”

Also an attempt to control whitey. “Don’t post selfies on this day, white people.”

Well screw those stinky groids!!

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