The simple fact is that it would have been impossible to fake Apollo without coming to the conclusion that it’s a worldwide conspiracy that only you aren’t in on — which is I dare say insane.

Any amateur radio astronomer capable of triangulation could have figured out where the transmissions were coming from. Russia confirmed where they were coming from.

Compare this fact with the fact that the experiments being BROADCAST from the moon LIVE were IMPOSSIBLE to FAKE on the EARTH. I’m putting the key point in all caps because you hoaxfools seem incapable of reading so I’m spelling it out for you.

Combining camera tech of the day, with radio signals, with the experiments conducted, you come to the only possible conclusion.

Apollo astronauts visited the Moon many times, and you’re a delusional imbecile to think otherwise. Or just a moronic infant. Also, don’t forget the physics experiments that took place on the moon that we have film of?

You CANNOT replicate these simple physics experiments on Earth. Inb4 “muh cameras, muh signals”. Look into camera tech. Inb4 “muh studio” look above at radio triangulation and signals.


Being an idiot and denying Apollo is one of the most irritating and irrational things I’ve seen people do. You simply look past all of the evidence to support your theory that you’re somehow higher than all else. Any further evidence handed to you like a child is FURTHER PROOF of a fucking conspiracy against a poor little negro.

Remember this incident a few weeks ago?

The truth finally came out …. it didn’t take long at all.

Truly an interesting turn of events ….


The alleged attack has received extensive coverage and condemnation. However, new information has emerged that Petlakh may have been involved in a physical assault on a Palestinian-American woman shortly before he claims to have been victimized.


Claims of anti-Semitism vanish as facts emerge in incident at NY-Tel Aviv game

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Nerdeen Kiswani, right, at a September vigil for Gaza and for victims of police brutality in the US, at the College of Staten Island. (SJP at College of Staten Island)

It has been widely reported that Leonard Petlakh was the victim of an anti-Semitic attack at a pre-season basketball game between the New York Nets and Tel Aviv’s Maccabi Electra.

The alleged attack has received extensive coverage and condemnation. However, new information has emerged that Petlakh may have been involved in a physical assault on a Palestinian-American woman shortly before he claims to have been victimized.

Appearing on a local news broadcast after receiving treatment for a broken nose and a deep gash under his eye, Petlakh told media that his attacker had hit him “because he was Jewish” and had shouted “Free Palestine” before slugging him in the face — in front of his two young sons.

“They’re exhibiting their anger and their hatred; I’m a symbol to them,” Petlakh stated.

Petlakh teaches Jewish history at Hunter College, City University of New York, and is vice president of the American Zionist Movement and executive director of Kings Bay YM-YWHA, a Jewish community center in Brooklyn.

The New York City Police Department’s Hate Crimes Unit immediately opened an investigation into the incident, while local politicians and political leaders joined in unisonto denounce what they accepted was an “anti-Semitic” attack.

And just over a week later, on 16 October, the man suspected of attacking Petlakh, 25-year-old Shawn Schraeder, was arrested in St. Louis, Missouri, and brought back to New York.

No evidence of hate crime

However, by the time Schraeder appeared before a Brooklyn court, the NYPD Hate Crimes Unit had announced that they had completed their investigation and concluded that there was no evidence of anti-Semitism involved in the incident.

The district attorney charged Schraeder with misdemeanor assault. A hate crime is deemed a violent felony offense and carries enhanced sentencing guidelines.

But as Petlakh’s story and face appeared in the news in the days following his attack, Nerdeen Kiswani recognized him from an attack she sustained that night as well. However, her assault has received scant media attention and was not investigated by the police.

Kiswani, a Palestinian-American student at the City University of New York, had been punched in the stomach after someone snatched her Palestinian flag from her hands after the Maccabi-Nets game.

On 21 October, Kiswani and her lawyer, Lamis Deek, held a press conference on the steps of the Brooklyn Borough Hall to publicize their complaint to the NYPD, requesting that it investigate the attack on Kiswani.

Leonard Petlakh, Kiswani alleges, was one of the men in the group who harassed and assailed her.

“It appears that Petlakh and his friends had staged the assault in fact and were taping and plotting their attack on Ms. Kiswani,” a press release states.

Deek told The Electronic Intifada that, “We haven’t specifically asked to investigate it as a hate crime, because I have a problem with the thought police.”

In addition, Deek explained that after learning of the context of the alleged assault on Petlakh, the NYPD Hate Crimes Unit didn’t find his claims of anti-Semitism credible.

“Punched in the stomach”

A short video showing part of the attack on Kiswani was uploaded to YouTube, titled “Anti-Israel provocation at Barclays Center”:


images (5)

The key to jewish power is their ability to create imaginary “money” as an interest-bearing debt.

The traitor cromwell let his fellow vermin back in.

The treasonous bank (not) “of England” was then set up in 1694 to consolidate jewish power, since when every “British” politician has been guilty of TREASONfor allowing this SCAM to continue against the British people.

It’s so simple it isn’t even up to the standard of little children playing a game, and yet traitors have used it to enslave the world.

The head traitor of the moment, currently the scammer-moron, or cameron, goes to the insane wrath-child (rothschild) and asks for “money”. The wrath-child types a number on a computer, and from that moment on, the traitors pretend thepeople “owe” never-ending compound interest on “money” that never existed, an imaginary “debt” that could never be paid if it did exist.

Britain’s “national debt” consists of every penny the traitors calling themselves “government” have spent since 1694 PLUS 320 years’ compound interest on all that imaginary “money” that could just as easily have been “created” by the “government” itself at NO COST.

No cost? That’s right. What does it cost to type a number on a computer? Before computers existed, what did it cost to write an entry in an account book?

The WORLD is being SCAMMED, and all it would take to break the scam would be for a majority of the people to understand what’s going on.

Imagine there’s no money anywhere in the world.

Imagine YOU alone have been authorised to “create” your country’s “money” – without limit.

Not even “the government” has granted itself the power to create “money”, so it has to come to you for every penny, and you charge rent (known as “interest”) on all that imaginary “money”.

Even if you only charge 1% per annum, where is that 1% going to come from?

Remember, there is no money not created by you. You’re the only source. If you issue a hundred groats, that hundred groats is all the money in existence. It can’t be repaid without collapsing the economy, so it will go on attracting “interest”forever.

Even at 1% interest, that original 100 groats “earns” you one groat every year, but the “borrower” has a problem. Even if the initial 100 groats were to be repaid, it’s all the money that exists, so how can the traitors calling themselves “government” pay the “interest”? If there’s only 100 groats in existence, where does that additional groat come from?

It can’t because it doesn’t exist, so you take something else, gold, land, political power, whatever you want, even the entire world eventually, and any country that resists your control is bombed back to the stone age by the countries you docontrol.

Sound familiar?

As well as all this, you can “invent” all the imaginary “money” you want for your own use. What do you do with that power? You BUY everything you want,especially every means of communication, the press, book publishers, radio, tel-aviv-zion, telephone networks, everything. Can’t risk having the people finding out about the scam, can you?

Trouble is, not even a Human can handle that amount of power without going completely mad, and you’re not Human. You’re an already-insane hater of all that exists, one of those things known as jews, and your insanity will inevitably lead to your downfall.


The jews have a fantasy they call “the golem”, an imaginary supernatural being that (they think) will destroy their enemies (which is everyone else) without any risk to themselves.

Having no soul, the jew imagines consciousness to be a product of the brain, and thinks that if only there was a way to build a computer as complicated as the Human (=non-jew) brain, that computer would inevitably develop consciousness.

A breakthrough! A Human Being invents something known nowadays as the internet.

Thinking they’re creating their golem, the jews encourage everyone to connect to this worldwide network of computers. Surely the internet will come “alive” at some point and destroy everyone who isn’t jewish.

No. The “golem” turns and bites it’s creators on the butt.

Rather than come alive and destroy Humanity, the internet is used to expose centuries of jew criminality.

Now they’re trying to shut it down, but it’s too late. Their “golem” is coming forthem.


Today was the first day in my life I have ever encountered someone who actually told me to check my privilege. I think I handled it well.

sitting in my Prelaw class
girl is talking about her ex-boyfriend who I know
mention how he’s a pretty funny dude who understands my humor (he goes on /pol/ has well)
another girl chimes in and says all my jokes are racist or sexist
I say jokingly “only some are”
girl sitting next to me blurts out “that’s easy for a white male to say”
I tell her that white males can experiance racisim to
she tells me to check my privilege and that I’m wrong
I tell her the definition of racisim which nowhere states that whites can not be discriminated against
she calls me a racist and says to look up reverse racisim
I continue to tell her that racisim effects everyone and not just a select group of people
she says I’m wrong
she says she literally wants to punch me in the face
she storms out of the room and comes back about 5 minutes later.
MFW I didint check my privilege


I think vegan, animal rights peoeple are the SJWs of the food world. They apply the same backwards logic. It’s not food it’s violence? We should FEEL bad about the fact that animals die to feed us? Okay cool, I’d like to see you tell that to a lion or a pack of wolves or a shark.

I wish the cooks would of egged these people. Also I’m pyschoanalysising here but I think the chick in this video is getting off on it “I need something to protest about and put it on the internet to be cool in SJW land”. It’s like they don’t give a f*ck how stupid their argument is, they just want to be seen making noise so they can live out their fantasies of being the big, important revolutionary.

Jews use countries that they have control over to go to war with other countries they DO NOT have control over.


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