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The kikes are onto us!

The Online Hate Prevention Institute (Front for JIDF) has released a THIRTY TWO PAGE STUDY on Le Happy Merchant!

You gotta see this shit to believe it:

“The Antisemitic Meme of the Jew is a cartoon picture depicting a negative stereotype of a Jewish man with a black beard, long hooked nose, a hunched back, crooked teeth, and hands being wrung in glee. The image was created by a white supremacist cartoonist and has been online in neo-Nazi circles since at least 2004. The report looks at the history and significance of this image.”

“The main focus of this report is on the effort to give the antisemitic image on the cover of the report public acceptance as a part of mainstream online culture. This is being attempted through an effort to game the “Know Your Meme” website, a significant database of Internet Memes. This would increase the acceptability of using the image and significantly contribute to further normalisation of antisemitism in online society. It would take the racist portrayal of Jews from the neo-Nazi fringe into the mainstream. This report provides recommendations to help prevent that occurring.”

Is this some kind of fucking joke? Somebody for the love of G-d please tell me this isn’t real.

Those wonderful chinks!

A Chinese man whose arms were bound so tightly in an illegal prison that his skin and flesh grew around the chains, is now looking for donations to help pay for surgery to remove the chains.


Github hires strong independent feminazi
Github allows feminazi to do whatever she wants including letting her run female outreach program on company resources
Feminazi gets mad over some trivial shit in the office, throws a hissy fit and demands male pigs be fired
When she’s denied she resigns, runs to twitter and starts a smear campaign against twitter, accusing them of sexism, harrassment, bullying
Media backs her, runs smear stories against Github
Github has to do an investigation to clear their name
Investigation finds no evidence for any of the claims
The CEO having his name dragged through the mud has to resign

Women are basically destroying tech companies/software foundations at the moment.

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Daily Stormer
April 21, 2014

Daycare Dik: Donald Lynn Hayes

Daycare Dik: Donald Lynn Hayes

Blacks are absolutely obsessed with their penises, and do many weird things with them.



A drunken man allegedly walked up to the front door of a daycare Friday afternoon and exposed himself.

Dayton police arrested Donald Lynn Hayes, 56, after getting a public indecencyreport in the 2300 block of Catalpa Drive, according to the Dayton police report.

The director at Youthland Academy told police the suspect stood in front of the door touching himself while his unbelted pants sagged down, according to thereport.

After the director told him to leave, she called police and he walked across the street to a barber shop, where the owner kicked him out, according to the report.

Why do they do it?

Probably because of institutionalized White racism.

Either that, or the extremely high mortality…

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A naggerologist speaks out

“Hello im a scientist that specializes in the African race im here to clear some things up.

first there are different species of niggers here they are

niggers: niggers are the main race they are the main race. like most niggers they are ignorant and uneducated they all have a strange craving for chicken (usually fried), grape drinks, and watermelon. they sometimes call each other “nigga” or “Niggah” usually out of ignorance.

gray niggers: gray niggers are niggers that are educated like that of the common white man but do not let this fool you they are all deep deep down true niggers.

Caucasian niggers: the evil nigger CULTure changed good old white men into savage idiots they try to be negros but fail and are usually not excepted by other nigger races.

african niggers: theses niggers dont speak english, they speak some stange nigger language they are more similar to apes or orangutans than humans, they belong in a zoo

Detroit niggers are the worst of their kind they are they worst creatures on the planet. theses things only live in the “city” of Detroit. if it were up to me i would box the city in a dome and drop a nuke in it thats how bad they are.

your welcome”




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