(Should be a picture of Obama in the TV instead of the Astronaut)

I frankly do not understand why people think the moon landing was a hoax considering how well documented it was. Even if you want to scrutinize all the evidence, I don’t see why people desperately want to prove a marvel of mankind wrong.

I used to think it was fake when I was 13, my dad still makes fun of me about it (he’s an engineer).

Since then, I’ve become a physicist and realized how easy (not easy, but technically easy when you ignore the production costs) it is to land a module on the moon with enough fuel to leave the moon (easy) and enough fuel to re-enter without deflection (a bit harder than leaving the moon). Both are very simple, overall. Amazing feats for their time period though due to tech differences.

Why haven’t we gone back?

Well, two reasons:

There’s nothing but dust on the surface and mining equipment is really, really, really heavy. And then you’d need more fuel to get it back off the moon (not that bad), and give it enough power to not deflect off Earth’s atmosphere (really bad). In short, there’s not much motivation currently.

And then there’s the more important reason we aren’t allowed to further our space explorations, being that negroes will chimp big time if they see Whitey dare to spend his money on anything other than supporting their indolent lifestyle.

Plus the jews have gotten used to thier gigantic allowance too.

So, basically our enemies are keeping us earthbound due to their own abysmal selfishness.

Anyway, as for the negroes and delusional leftist idiots who still insist the whole thing was faked, those people were engineers and technicians that were a lot more intelligent than you obviously. They designed, built, and flew the largest flying object in history with f*cking slide-rules.

You ‘people’ are just idiots who can’t stop whining about imaginary B.S.



The exhibit in question is named Macaquinhos, literally “little monkeys”. It’s a performance where a line of people insert their index fingers on each other’s ass, and then smell and lick it. The second act includes each other pressing their noses on each other’s ass and taking a deep sniff on it. The third act is literally cunnilingus. And for “authenticity”, the directors demanded that their anuses NOT to be fully higienized before the presentation.

The trinity of directors that created this nice piece of work are very well renowed, recognized as artists in full excellence. The ticket to this presentation was about U$ 85.

Art reviewers and analysts claimed that the presentation is so natural and pure that it overwhelmed their senses with a pleasure only comparable to a orgasm.

Anyway, I’m of the opinion that a artistic piece value is more or less related to how much skill it would take to replicate it.


Moses, a Jew, apparently married a black African (Cuchite) and was approved by God.
Miriam and Aaron (Mose’s sister and brother) spoke against Moses because of the Cushite woman whom he had married, for he had married a Cushite woman
God gets angry at Miriam for criticizing his authority
God strikes Miriam with leprosy
““When the cloud removed from over the tent, behold, Miriam was leprous, like snow” (Num. 12:10)”
Miriam must then live outside of the camp, in isolation, only being allowed back after Moses intercedes with God to heal her. Nevertheless, God insists that she still be punished for seven days

God says not a critical word against Moses for marrying a black Cushite woman. But when Miriam criticizes God’s chosen leader for this marriage God strikes her skin with white leprosy.



Go in there and show them what’s right!

That is a PRIME example of media slant! You know goddamned good and well that it was a little niglet pitching a fit on the airplane….a flight from the Dominican Republic? But, of course, they don’t show a picture of the little shitskin or his dam and sire. Nope, they have a young white boy…maybe 3 or 4 years of age like HE is the one causing the ruckus! Fuck noggers and fuck the media, the nagger-loving sonsofbitches!


Parents Greeted By Police After 2-Year-Old Toddler Throws Tantrum on Plane

Parents Greeted By Police After 2-Year-Old Toddler Throws Tantrum

Most parents can agree: When a toddler’s coming along for a trip, you want to get to your destination fast — especially since most tots can’t sit still for long periods of a time and overstimulate very easily. So, it’s only natural to have a few hiccups when traveling with a tot in tow.

One Missouri couple reportedly experienced what it’s like to be nearly kicked off their Frontier Airlines flight from the Dominican Republic to St. Louis after their 2-year-old son, Sam, had a mid-flight meltdown, reports KSDK.

In an attempt to calm his crying son, the father, Leo Khalfin, sat him in his lap. But then the flight attendant reportedly told him its policy stating that his toddler had to be buckled in a seat for take-off — airlines require little ones who are 2 years old and older sit in their own seat. (The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recommends that parents secure a child in a child restraint system (CRS) or device based on her weight.)

“He was crying and yelling and screaming,” said Khalfin. “I did what she told me to. I put him in the seat. I buckled him in and he was of course screaming and yelling and you know, I held him with force.”

At that point the flight attendant reportedly told the parents that if Sam didn’t quiet down, they would have to leave the plane. Thankfully, the couple was able to calm Sam… that is until turbulence later on during the four-hour flight freaked him out and his tantrum resumed. When the plane landed, airport police were there to escort the family off the plane. A spokesman for Frontier told reporters that the captain of the plane reportedly involved police because the Khalfin family was verbally and physically abusive to the flight staff.

READ: The Most Embarrassing Places Toddlers Have Tantrums

It’s understandable that both sides are upset by the incident. But there’s no denying that toddlers throw tantrums — often in the most inconvenient places at the most inconvenient times. It’s simply a fact of life.

Whether or not you see it coming, there are still a few tricks you can try to stave off toddler tantrums at the last minute.

Make a fool of yourself. Without saying a word, do something zany. This is distraction (a familiar trick of the toddler-parent trade) but with a twist — and it’s one of the more-enjoyable ways to prevent toddler tantrums.

Allow the forbidden. Most toddlers are fascinated by grown-up accessories — wallets, car keys, cell phones and the like. If you’re someplace where the phone won’t get thrown and broken and the key chain won’t get lost, consider surprising your grouchy kid with a once-in-a-great-while chance to play with a normally outlawed object.



Shmoe, Barry, and Surly
Random picture of the typical kind of evil, Satanic looking jew involved with this scandal.

Random picture of the typical kind of evil, Satanic looking jew involved with this scandal.

Some of Australia’s most senior orthodox Jewish leaders are under investigation for allegedly failing to report multiple instances of child sexual abuse.
The Sunday Age has obtained witness statements and tape recordings from this month’s successful prosecution of a former Bondi Yeshiva authority figure, Daniel Hayman, that indicate senior Jewish leaders failed to act on complaints of abuse and cast doubt over their public statements on the scandal.
The documents and recordings provide an insight into strongly held views within segments of Australia’s ultra-orthodox Jewish communities that child sexual abuse should not be reported to secular authorities.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/senior-orthodox-jewish-leaders-face-coverup-inquiry-over-child-sex-abuse-20140627-zsoqz.html#ixzz362X9hQYW


Apple CEO Tim Cook came out Thursday, acknowledging publicly for the first time that he is gay.

“Let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me,” he wrote in a column in Bloomberg Businessweek.

Being gay is a gift from God



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