It's Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health (The Family Library)

It's Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health (The Family Library)

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This is one of the less graphic illustrations for this book.

This is one of the less graphic illustrations for this book.

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Facebook Invents New Harassment For Controversial Posters.
Censorship of the internet is on the near horizon people!

Indian officials have adopted an ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ approach to scare away hordes of macaques plaguing its parliament, hiring ape-men to act as a deterrent.

An hindu worshipper in a God Lord Hanuman costume

An hindu worshipper in a God Lord Hanuman costume

The Indian government is hiring men to pose as menacing langur monkeys to scare off the hundreds of macaques terrorising MPs and staff around its parliament and central government buildings.
M Venkiah Naidu, the urban development minister, told MPs on Thursday that 40 young people had been hired to disguise themselves as langurs – India’s bigger, predatory monkeys – to frighten away the macaques.
If the ape-men failed to rid the capital’s administrative centre of the monkey menace then marksmen armed with rubber bullets could be deployed.
The announcement reflects growing frustration at the continuing presence of macaque monkeys in the city centre and the terror and damage they cause.
The roam freely over the vast open lawns of India Gate, and assail government buildings where they chew through internet and telephone cables, attack staff for food, and occasionally jump in through the windows and pace the corridors of power.

Attempts to curb the menace were stepped up in 2007 when the city’s deputy mayor died after being attacked by monkeys and knocked off his balcony.
There have been drives to round them up and deport them to the jungles of northern India with the deployment of monkey-catchers who lead large, leashed black-faced langurs around the city in the hope their intimidating scent will keep the macaques at bay.
The macaques were reprieved last year when the use of captive langurs was banned over concerns of animal cruelty. In desperation officials teamed up with American zoologists to control monkey business by putting them on the pill. Officials planned to sterilise captured monkeys and mix oral contraceptives in food left for them on roads.
But for short term respite while longer term solutions are explored, Mr Naidu has chosen the men in monkey suits option.
“Various efforts are being made to tackle monkey and dog menace inside and around Parliament House,” officials said in a statement.
“Shri [S. Venkiah] Naidu said the measures being taken include: scaring the monkeys away by trained persons who disguise themselves as langurs.
“New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) has hired 40 young persons for this purpose. NDMC also acquired Sure Shot Rubber Bullet Guns for scaring away the monkeys”, the statement added.

Ebola outbreak: fight against disease hampered by belief in witchcraft, warns British doctor
British doctor at Ebola clinic in Sierra Leone says many locals believe outbreak is ‘witchcraft not disease’
A British doctor fighting the devastating Ebola outbreak in west Africa has told how belief in witchcraft is hampering the fight to stop the spread of the deadly disease.
Benjamin Black, 32, a volunteer with the charity Médecins Sans Frontières in Sierra Leone, said that some of those in infected areas were not seeking medical treatment as they thought the disease was the work of sorcerers. Belief in witchcraft and traditional medicine is still prevalent in parts of west Africa, particularly the remote rural areas of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia where the outbreak has been concentrated.
In an interview with The Telegraph, Dr Black, who completed a four-day stint earlier this week at an Ebola treatment clinic in Kailahun, near Sierra Leone’s northern border with Guinea, said: “There is a section of population here who simply don’t believe Ebola is real, they think it is witchcraft and so they don’t come to the treatment centres.
“Sometimes, even those who turn up at clinics with symptoms of the disease will be resistant to the idea that they have it. They will say ‘yes, people in my family have died already, but this is witchcraft rather than Ebola’.”
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..Kidnapped three men and two women in home invasion that included rape and sexual humiliation in 2000
All five were shot in the head but one survived
Death sentences now overturned because the men should have been tried separately, court said
Both will now be re-sentenced..”

If I wasn’t a committed non-racist, I’d think blacks have declared a brutal war against whites that our Governmedia is trying their utmost to keep it quiet…
Wichita Killings Capital CaseIn this combination of 2013 photos provided by the Kansas Department of Corrections, is Reginald D. Carr, left, and Jonathan D. Carr. The Kansas Supreme Court on Friday, July 25, 2014 overturned the death sentences of the two brothers convicted of capital murder in a crime spree in Wichita in 2000 including robbery, rape, forced sex and four fatal shootings in a snow-covered soccer field. (AP Photo/Kansas Department of Corrections)
The Kansas Supreme Court on Friday overturned the death sentences of two brothers convicted of killing four friends who were robbed and forced to engage in sex acts before being shot to death and left in a snow-covered Wichita field.
The court also struck down three of the four capital murder convictions each against Jonathan and Reginald Carr, citing procedural problems at the brothers’ joint trial for its decisions. It upheld one capital murder conviction for each of them.
Prosecutors said the brothers broke into a Wichita home in December 2000 and forced the five people there to have sex with each other and later to withdraw money from ATMs. Two women were raped repeatedly before all five were taken to a soccer field and shot while they were kneeling. Four of them — 29-year-old Aaron Sander, 27-year-old Brad Heyka, 26-year-old Jason Befort and 25-year-old Heather Muller — died.

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